The Benefits


The Benefits of Window Tints and Glazing Films

Windows elevate a property’s aesthetics, but they also serve a functional role. More than allowing for greater light and air flow, windows can help regulate temperature, protect furnishings, conserve energy, and shield against intrusion. Why should you choose window tints and glazing films for your home, office, school, or government building? The benefits are clear.

Block Heat

Heat Control Window Films reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat, making your space comfortable all day long – while drastically reducing your energy bill.

Reduce Fading

UV Window Films screen up to 99.9% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, significantly reducing potential sun damage to your carpets, fabrics, furnishings, antiques, and artwork.

Control Glare

Anti-Glare Window Films limit retinal stress while creating a glare-free viewing experience of computer monitors, television screens, and décor inside your property.

Conserve Energy

Energy Efficient Window Films reduce solar heat gain by up to 85% throughout the summer, while retaining up to 92% of heat during colder months.

Add Privacy

Privacy Window Films obscure the transparency of your windows, shielding you from peeping outsiders while still allowing light to shine through.

Improve Security

Shatter-Resistant Window Films keep broken glass in the frame, preventing intruders from crawling through or unlocking a door, while giving you more time to seek safety.

Prevent Damage

Anti-Graffiti Window Films protect your windows against scratches, gouges, vandalism, and virtually all types of paint – saving you the cost of full window replacement.


Professionally-installed window film is a stress-free, fiscally responsible alternative to replacing your glass.

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