Blackout Film

Privacy to the Max with Total Blackout Film

For the most control of the light and sight that passes through your windows, Atlantic Sun Control offers blackout films in a complete range of colors and patterns – designed to block light and boost privacy for your home or business. Ready to get started on your window transformation?

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Blackout Film Before and After
Tame the Light with Total Blackout Films

What Does Blackout Film Do?

Like the name implies, blackout film gives you total light and view blockage through your windows, allowing for complete two-way privacy. Rather than removing an unwanted window or dry-walling over it, blackout film gives you a clean look and effective, affordable, solution for adding privacy and light blockage to your windows. Blocking all light in both directions means that people on the outside can’t see inside your home or office.

Blackout Film for Commercial Use

There are many applications for blackout films in commercial settings, like office buildings, restaurants, and retail environments. You can block unsightly views, signal usable entrances and exits, prevent observation during construction or renovation, and much more. Even better? Blackout films can be custom printed with logos and designs to showcase your brand or offers.

Privacy to the Max with Total Blackout Film

Benefits of Blackout Film

Blackout film blocks at least 99% of daylight, including harmful UV rays (which can fade interior furnishings, floors, artwork, and paint). Keeping the sun’s rays out also means it’s easier and more affordable to regulate temperature within the room. Viewing a computer or television screen? Blackout film eliminates screen glare – making it easier to work, read, and watch on any device.

Choose Your Color

Blackout film doesn’t have to be black. Atlantic Sun Control carries a full range of colors and patterns. You can turn an unwanted window into a bright statement or bold focal point with the color or message of your choosing. For the lightest and brightest effect, we also install white blackout films. This allows light to bounce around within the room, keeping it feeling bright and open, while still blocking light from outside.

We are committed to making your home and office safe and comfortable.

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