UV Window, Sun Control and UV Blocking Films

Are UV window films, sun control
films, or UV blocking films necessary?

Today's informed consumer is more aware of the dangers of direct sun exposure from the sun's UV rays. Those same worries have now crept into the home. As a result, it is critical to be aware of the risks of UV radiation exposure on a person's skin as a contributor to melanoma and skin cancer. Long-term UV exposure can also degrade materials. UV rays may cause a chemical reaction with the fabric's dyes or synthetic plastic (polymer) yarns in the case of outdoor fabric. Fading is caused by the breakdown of the dye or fiber.

Are UV window films, sun control films, or UV blocking films necessary?
Are UV window films, sun control films, or UV blocking films necessary?

Atlantic Sun Control can install tinted sun control window film as well as clear UV window film onto the inside pane of any window. The variety of UV blocking window film offered by Atlantic Sun Control will protect all against the effect of the sun's rays by reducing the glare and heat that comes into the home, as well as harmful UV rays which can also cause fading of fabrics, artwork, and other sensitive materials.

Installing UV Film For Windows

Homeowners are seeing value and  the benefits of installing window UV film protection. The installation process, also handled by Atlantic Sun, helps to block both the infrared rays and ultraviolet rays from coming inside the home. The upgrade will offer cooler rooms while still allowing some sunlight to come through the windows. And more importantly, the addition of Solar Film windows is expected to lower your energy bills each month.

Ideally, you want professionals like us to install residential window tinting inside the home. The task is not easy as the film must be properly sized and measured and placed evenly across the window's surface. Some of the right tools we use in the process to complete the installation process include:

Remember, the solar window film product is lightweight and scratch resistant and needs to be applied directly to the inside surface of the window. If installed correctly, solar window film can filter out close to 90 percent of the "Combined Total Solar Energy" and last upwards of 15 years. Solar Film can filter out close to 90% of the total solar energy, " which is comprised of Infrared (IR) and (UV) rays.

Our Vista product filters 99.9% of UV which is the highest in the industry.

How Does Sun Control Window Film Reduce Heat?

Summer days are ideal, especially if there is not a cloud in the sky. Who does not love the sunlight coming through a window as it brightens the mood of a room? However, the rays emitted from the sun can make an office environment a bit sticky throughout the workday. It is one of the reasons why you see commercial window tinting on most high-level buildings.

The Solar Film is self-adhesive and scratch resistant and when applied to glass acts as a protective filter between the adverse effect of the sun, and your valuable interiors. Solar film will also limit the amount of interior heat being lost thru your glass in the winter and reduce annoying glare that enters your interior spaces.

Myths About UV Blocking Window Film

With every home purchase, there are myths about the product. One of the biggest myths is UV film for windows makes the room too dark. The technological advances in tinting windows make this statement false. The purchaser can choose whether the room has a light or dark environment. Hiring Atlantic Sun for applying window UV film will keep the sunlight out without darkening the room too much.

Another false myth is that UV film window protection will damage the condition of the glass. Experienced installers will match the right window film with the type of pane found inside the home.

Finally, another false statement is that UV protection window film is useful only in the summer months. Not true, during winter months the sun's low angle sends Damaging UV rays further into your space. Residential window tinting is an ideal transparent glass insulator ideal for keeping cold air out of the home. Often, your energy bill can be reduced by as much as 15 percent in the winter if LOW E Film is used.

If you are ready to get a quick quote or just find out more about solar window film, https://www.atlanticsun.net/request-estimate at Atlantic Sun Control or give us a call today at (571) 520-7351. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist in choosing the correct window film to get the best results in your residence or commercial space. Call us and schedule an appointment today.

UV Blocking Window Film

Even our clearest window films block up to 99.9% of damaging UV rays, limiting damage caused by the sun, while typical insulated clear glass filters only 50%. Not only does invisible ultraviolet radiation damage, discolor, and degrade fabrics, carpets, artwork, and hardwood floors, but these invisible rays increase the risk of melanoma.

Atlantic Sun Control offers a range of solutions, from tinted film for visible light control, which is the cause of 25% of fabric and furniture degradation, to clear UV filtering films. We can install film that will provide the protection that you need, so act now to minimize severe UV exposure and prevent the sun from causing irreversible damage to your home interiors and your skin.

UV Film for Windows

You don't have to block out natural light to minimize UV rays and damage, but adding a bit of color to your film selection will increase its effectiveness. When we apply solar control film on your windows, they will filter the most damaging sun's rays while still allowing plenty of natural light in. We offer both tinted and clear UV film, enabling you to select the best solution for your particular needs.

The best Vista window film blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays before they invade your home or business, giving you protection that you can rely on. Investing in UV film that incorporates infrared (IR) reducing components can keep intense heat out in the summer and add a layer of insulation to retain interior heat during the cold months resulting in long-term energy savings.

Window UV Film

The best Window UV films use nanotechnology to filter UV and IR rays to reduce solar heat gain. When you choose to have solar film installed on your windows, you will reduce your exposure to harmful UV. These modern films are scratch resistant, easily cleaned, come with a 15-year warranty, and will provide your windows with extra shatter protection.

Don't underestimate the damage that UV rays can cause. UV rays can damage furniture, skin, and more. It's important to take the risk of UV exposure seriously and protect yourself by installing sun filtering film on the windows in your home. Choosing a film with added infrared filtering components, will help reduce the sun’s ability to cause hot spots in your home or business.

Do Windows Block UV?

Ordinary glass filters up to 50% of UVB rays, but it blocks an insignificant percentage of harmful UVA rays. UVA rays have been linked to photoaging, which can lead to skin cancer. If you want to limit your UVA exposure, you'll need a better solution than clear glass.

While your windows may not be able to block out all harmful UV rays, you can get additional protection by installing UV filtering films. UV film isn't damaging to glass and won't harm your windows in any way. It's the best way to limit the damage that UV rays cause.

UV Protection Window Film

How much everyday protection do you have from harmful UV rays? While your windows may be able to filter out some UVB rays, they won't be able to filter most UVA rays. To ensure protection from UVA rays and avoid skin damage from the sun, you'll need to have protective film on your windows.

The highest quality window film can filter up to 99.9% of UV rays, keeping your home and everyone in it safe. This film can also protect window glass from shattering and falling out. It's the best way to avoid UV damage and keep your home safe.

Window Film UV

A bright, sunlit room can improve your mood and reduce your reliance on artificial lighting. Unfortunately, there are also drawbacks to letting natural light shine into your home. When you let in sunlight, you also let in UV rays, which can damage furniture and increase your risk for skin cancer.

Thankfully, there's a way to let in plenty of light while keeping UV rays out. Window film can provide you with protection from UV rays and can also block out solar heat. Installing film on your windows will give you the chance to let the sunshine in.

Clear UV Blocking Window Film

You don't have to reduce natural light if you want to avoid UV exposure. Clear UV blocking window film is virtually invisible and can keep out 99.9% of UV rays. Atlantic Sun Control can install UV film on your windows so that you can protect yourself from UV rays.

When you let lots of natural light into your home, you may find that it boosts your productivity levels. Letting in sunlight during the day can also help you sleep at night! UV blocking window film lets you enjoy sunlight while keeping harmful UV rays out.

UV Film Windows

UV film windows are the best way to reduce your exposure to harmful UV rays. Whether you choose tinted or clear film, you'll be able to block out UV rays that cause damage. In addition, installing protective film on your windows can protect furniture and carpeting and can even block out glare.

We offer a wide range of solutions and can help you choose the best type of film for the windows in your home. It's important to take the risk of UV exposure seriously! Install UV blocking film on your windows so that you can protect your home and yourself.