Safety and Security Window Film

Protect Against Break-Ins, Demonstrations, and Riots with Anti-Intrusion Film

There are plenty of security devices available for the home and business these days, but how many of them deter or prevent physical intrusion? Motion detectors turn on a light. Sensors tell you if a window is opened or shattered. Video surveillance records the action happening. But what if you want to slow or prevent intrusion in the first place?

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Protect Against Break-Ins, Demonstrations, and Riots with Anti-Intrusion Film

Anti-Intrusion Films Delay Forced Entry through Glass Doors and Windows

Anti-Intrusion Film

Shatter-resistant window film attaches to the interior side of windows and glazing, cradling it in place in the event of impact, like from a crowbar, baseball bat, or gun. Even if the glass shatters, it stays in place – deterring the intruder and allowing those inside to seek shelter and phone for help.

In fact, anti-intrusion films can prevent unwanted access to your property for as much time or more time than it takes you to call the police, escape the space, or barricade yourself in a safe place.

Retail Shop? You Need Anti-Intrusion Film

Cases of smash-and-grabs and burglaries are on the rise, particularly for high-end fashion, jewelry, and cosmetic stores. If you have something desirable anywhere in your store, from cash to merchandise, you could be a target. Without having to replace the actual glass surfaces, and at a fraction of the cost, you can install anti-intrusion films to existing glass windows and doors.

Anti-intrusion films are 100% transparent, keeping your current visibility and aesthetic, while also being UV-resistant. UV rays can damage and fade interior furnishings, textiles, paints, floors, and artwork. They add peace of mind, so that you know when you lock up for the night, your property is fully secure. These window films also can be useful in religious buildings, press or news organizations, and government facilities.

Ward-off Theft at Home or at Work

Any flat glass surface can benefit from anti-intrusion window film. Smash-and-grabs are popular in stores and city centers, but break-ins and burglaries can happen at home, too. Strengthen the security of your entire property by fortifying the weakest part: glass.

Retail Shop? You Need Anti-Intrusion Film

Anti-intrusion films can also help in the event of inclement weather. Large hail, objects carried by wind, and swinging tree branches can wreak havoc on your windows. With exceptional impact-resistance capabilities, anti-intrusion film can be of use if you live in areas susceptible to tornadoes, hurricanes, or extreme weather events.

Secure your property with advanced anti-intrusion film.

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