Blast Mitigation Film

Secure Your Building with High-Performance Blast Mitigation Film

These days, terrorist threats and natural disasters pose a genuine threat not only to U.S. Government interests, like federal buildings and military installations, but also to shopping centers, schools, cultural venues, religious buildings, corporate headquarters, and so much more. The glass in these structures is the weakest and potentially deadliest point of entry. Property managers and owners must be prepared for anything.

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Blast Mitigation Film

Stronger than a Speeding Bullet

From chemical and gas explosions to bomb blasts and gunfire, there are myriad threats out there. On a smaller scale, smash-and-grabs can also be hugely disruptive and costly to a storefront, museum, or home. Often, organizations don’t worry about these worst-case scenarios until it’s too late. That’s why it’s so important to prepare ahead of time. Installing blast mitigation window films is a smart investment for the safety and security of your people and premises.

Blast mitigation films are clear and tear-resistant, offering superior performance over unprotected windows and common blast barriers. High-impact events, like a bomb explosion or gunfire, demand high-caliber safety solutions. At Atlantic Sun Control, we deliver.

Blast Mitigation Films Keep Glass Together in the Event of Breakage

By design, glass is fragile. Tempered glass shatters into countless small pieces, rather than jagged shards. But those small pieces can pose a real safety threat to people within the blast radius. High-velocity flying glass can lacerate skin, penetrate the eyes, and become a lethal projectile. Blast mitigation window films, by contrast, hold these glass shards together – enabling those near the glass to make it to safety, and those attempting to break through the glass from entering.

With blast mitigation films applied to your existing windows and glazing, you’ll gain an enhanced security posture without sacrificing visibility or sightlines. Not only does it keep people safe during an attack, but it prevents further intrusion and damage, while making the post-event cleanup and recovery process that much more efficient.

Ensure your windows are impact-ready with blast mitigation films, expertly installed by the advanced window tint and film specialists at Atlantic Sun Control. We have decades of experience working with high-profile organizations and institutions to protect and defend their glass structures. Step up your level of protection. It just might save lives.

Secure your property with advanced blast mitigation film.

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