Privacy Window Film

Add some privacy to your residential or commercial property with our privacy window films - the perfect solution for all of your security needs. Both convenient and affordable, privacy window films can be installed easily to obscure the transparency of your windows, making them private from outside onlookers while still allowing light to shine through. Moreover, compared to the cost of curtains, privacy window films are cheaper in the long term, often costing less than $10 per square foot, and are easier to maintain and clean. They are also reusable, beautiful and fully customizable, allowing you to add varying patterns or colors for your unique look.

Electric Privacy Glass Films

Electric privacy glass film, also known as switchable glass, is a type of privacy film that comes with adjustable opacity. It uses electro-chromatic technology to interchange between transparency and an opaque state by applying voltage. With this technology, you can change your window from clear to a frosted appearance by pressing a button while still allowing the sun to shine through. Atlantic Sun Control is an undisputed market leader in providing and installing this unique type of security film for both commercial and residential clients and takes pride in delivering a superior product affordable rates. Electric Privacy Glass Films

Frosted Window Films

Filtering bright light while concealing your interior space has never been easier than with frosted films. True to their name, frosted films are specialty films that give your windows a frosted glass or translucent appearance that keeps onlookers from seeing into your space while allowing light to pass through. Our expansive collection of frosted films comes in a variety of patterns and colors, allowing you to select one that matches your interior aesthetic. Our frosted films are also incredibly tough, long-lasting and made to withstand moisture and water, making them perfect for bathrooms, shower screens, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, conference rooms, and other high-traffic locations. Frosted Window Films