Smart Tint®

Go from Clear to Opaque with the Flip of a Switch

Offices with a lot of clean, sleek glass can be incredibly beautiful spaces to work within, but what happens when you need a bit more privacy? You can sit in a room that feels like a fishbowl, or you can transform your windows with Smart Tint® technology.

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Go from Clear to Opaque with the Flip of a Switch
Privacy on Demand

Privacy on Demand

Smart Tint, or switchable electric film, is a unique and versatile window film technology that can transition your traditional window and glass surfaces from clear (transparent) to frosted (translucent) at the tap of a button. You can even give the command from your smartphone!

Smart Tint works by sending a tiny electric pulse through the film, which activates the liquid crystals embedded inside. When these crystals align, light and sight can pass through. When the electricity is removed, the crystals scatter randomly and create a frosted look, blocking out light and providing privacy.

You can consider Smart Tint to be a kind of electric blind, without the need for curtains, shutters, or shades. This can give spaces, including homes, conference rooms, offices, and healthcare facilities (or any facility subject to HIPAA privacy rules), an added level of privacy and security on demand. If you have a clear, flat surface, like a window or interior glass wall, you can add a layer of privacy in an instant.

Smart Tint Law Office Video from Smart Tint on Vimeo.


Imagine What You Can Do with Smart Tint Technology

At 71” across and unlimited in length, Smart Tint film can be cut to any shape or size. It’s even dimmable! Need a projector for a presentation in a glass conference room? Not a problem. This unique film technology allows you to display crisp video and digital projections directly onto the glass.

Throw away your dusty blinds and drapes and trade them in for the efficiency and style of Smart Tint. With hypoallergenic benefits, Smart Tint is an excellent choice for people with dust and pollen allergies, and for hospitals and clinics that demand the highest levels of sterilization. Smart Tint is even ideal for government use! Add an extra layer of security to guard booths and security stands, or protect employees and sensitive data from external prying eyes.

Smart Tint Installation Has Never Been Easier

Our pros handle all the work for you. With decades of experience installing custom window tints and films, our team of glazing experts will measure your windows and install switchable privacy film to exacting standards. Self-adhesive and removable, Smart Tint comes in a range of colors – not just frosted white! It’s time you take your windows to the next level.

Add privacy at the click of a button.

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