Residential Window Film

Homeowners turn to Atlantic Sun Control to solve a range of problems associated with the increased use of glass in modern homes. Today’s homes have more spacious, airy interiors with large expanses of glass that exacerbate the ravages wrought by the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause an increased energy load for cooling and heating systems, lead to premature fading of furnishings and fabrics, and expose television sets and computer monitors to extreme glare. Our residential window film selections offer an optimal solution for these problems while still letting in beautiful natural light.

Types of Residential Window Film

We offer several different types of residential window film that come with a unique set of benefits for homeowners. Our expert technicians are happy to help you choose the best films for your needs, and install them according to the highest standards to ensure aesthetics and longevity. Learn more about the many solutions we have to offer homeowners:

Solar Window Films

One of the most common issues homeowners face throughout the summer is a high amount of sunlight and rays. Solar window films works to control and reject heat, significantly reduce glare, and prevent damage from harmful UV exposure. These films are designed to block up to 85% of sun glare and 99.9% of UV rays, allowing your family to view screens without glare, as well as improve the comfort levels and energy efficiency in your home. Solar Window Films

Privacy Window Film

While you may get along perfectly with your neighbors, it is important to protect your home from outside onlookers, especially if it contains luxury items or furniture. Privacy window film is the perfect solution for preventing outsiders from looking into your home while still allowing light to pass through. Atlantic Sun Control offers frosted window films and switchable glass window films to optimize efficiency and performance. Privacy Window Film

Decorative Films

If you are looking to spice up your home's interior, decorative window film is arguably one of the best ways to do it. Decorative films come in three different forms - architectural film finishes, graphics & logos, and custom window film - and each provides a unique aesthetic appeal. Whether you want to add pop to your home's interior or turn a graphic that holds significance in your family into a centerpiece, Atlantic Sun Control can help. Decorative Films

Blinds & Shades

Atlantic Sun Control offers a wide range of window blinds and shades to complement your windows and boost your home's interior appeal. We provide homeowners with several options including mini blinds, roller shades, and exterior solar screens to ensure your home is safeguarded from strong sunlight and potential onlookers. Our experts will work with you to pick the right size, color, and material of blinds or shades to match your home's aesthetic. Blinds & Shades

Learn More About Residential Window Film

Regardless of what your family is looking to accomplish with its windows, Atlantic Sun Control will be there every step of the way. From helping you select the ideal film to providing installation services, our experts are committed to ensuring your home is a safe and comfortable environment. In addition, your family will enjoy reduced energy bills and ideal temperatures year-round, even if issues occur within your HVAC system. For more information about residential window film or to get started, contact us by phone at 703.631.8536 or request an estimate online today.