Government Window Film

Safety and security are our top priorities. As a government agency, you are tasked with adhering to the highest security standards. Protecting confidential data, the personnel who obtained it, and the building and technology that stores this information from prying eyes and ears or even physical attacks is a top priority. As we’ve seen, terrorist attacks are all too real.

Window Film To Enhance Your Security

The experts at Atlantic Sun Control can recommend innovative window film to satisfy government security protocols. We have worked with multiple government agencies and contractors to protect their intellectual property as well as their employees. All of our products come with extensive manufacturer warranties and are installed by seasoned professionals. Additional benefits of our window film include:

A Green Initiative

 Many organizations are also tasked with Green Initiatives. The right window film can help your organization achieve this metric as well. This is done by preventing both heat loss and heat gain through windows. Most organizations spend 30% of their annual budget on energy expenditures.  Heat control window film can reject up to 80% of the sun’s heat cutting air conditioning costs by as much as half. You can learn more about how to help your organization reduce costs and increase their efficiency below.

Reach Out To The Control Window Film Experts

Let our experienced window experts show you how simply installing window film can enhance the security and the energy efficiency of your building. Keeping the top-level security of government building is the main priority and here at ASC we understand and want to help in that process. Being able to not only upgrade your security but also improve your energy efficiency at the same time is a bonus of working with us. Contact us by calling 703.631.8536 or by requesting an estimate online today to inquire about your Government Window Films.