Electric Privacy Glass Films

Electric privacy glass films, also known as electric switchable films, are a type of specialty privacy film that has a clear adhesive backing which makes them transparent when turned off. When switched ‘on,’ electric privacy film appears to change to frosted film, giving it the opaque appearance that conceals visible objects while absorbing light. Transform transparent office spaces into private conference rooms in seconds with electric privacy glass films. You get the privacy and transparency you need with the flip of a switch. You no longer have to move from one room to another if the privacy needs of your meeting have changed.

Get Your Switchable Electric Film

Atlantic Sun Control’s premier switchable films provide the peel-and-stick simplicity of our other films, matched with the switchability and energy efficiency of state-of-the-art privacy film. This gives you transparent windows with the benefit of being able to change them to a reliable frosted window when necessary. Contact us today to learn more about our high-grade electric privacy glass film solutions and find out how you can benefit from this unique specialty film.