Anti-Graffiti Film at Atlantic Sun Control Inc

Vandals are no match for our films. Anti-Graffiti Film is a cost-effective solution to mitigate damage from vandalism.

Many areas around the county are experiencing the growing problem of vandals tagging glass and other surfaces in public areas using etching tools, acid, and paint. Our anti-graffiti films are an excellent cost-effective solution to mitigate this damage. These films provide a clear sacrificial surface that can be removed and replaced if “tagged” or vandalized.

Whether they are applied to vertical or sloped glass, mirrors or stainless steel, in malls, on buses, in office buildings or on subways, installation and replacement by our professionally trained staff is quick and easy, avoiding the disruption caused by window replacement. When vandals strike, the film is simply removed along with the tags, revealing the unspoiled glass surface below, which is now ready for the replacement sacrificial film.

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