Commercial Window Film

At Atlantic Sun Control, we understand that the requirements and details of commercial window film are different from those of residential applications. From time constraints to controlled access, we will work with you to ensure your project is completed in the timeline needed without sacrificing quality or service. When our installers arrive on site, you can feel confident that your daily operations will not be affected. We carefully and courteously work around your schedule and your environment.

Types of Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film comes in many forms and sizes, and can provide several benefits for a commercial building. From decorative window films to display at a museum to reinforced window films to protect a school, Atlantic Sun Control provides a wide array of solutions tailored to the needs of your building. Here are the different types of commercial window film we offer:

Privacy Window Film

privacy window film being used by a commercial officeIf your organization is looking to increase its privacy, Atlantic Sun Control has several privacy window film options available. This category of window film will increase the appeal of your windows from the outside while ensuring your employees feel safe and secure from the inside. With electric privacy glass or frosted window films, you can protect your organization from onlookers who are outside the building while still allowing sunlight to properly pass through.

Privacy Window Film

Security Window Film

For organizations that require an extra level of security, whether that be to protect intellectual property or the integrity of the building, Atlantic Sun Control offers several solutions. We offer anti-graffiti, Caspar cloaking, radio frequency shielding, and shatter-resistant window film to ensure the safety of organizations. Through security window film, you can assure your employees and business intelligence is kept safe, 100% of the time.

Security Window Film

Government Window FilmUS Department of Justice Security Window Film Atlantic Sun

Atlantic Sun Control offers specialized government window film for government buildings to improve security and safeguard classified information. Government agencies and contractors must take measures to prevent eavesdropping, ensure employee privacy, and in some extreme cases, minimize terrorist-related blasts. Work with Atlantic Sun Control to ensure your organization is well-protected and will not be disrupted by inclement weather or ill-intentioned individuals.

Government Window Film

exterior of school with safety filmSchool Window Film

Unfortunately, shootings are a very real thing that can occur at any school, at any time. Reinforcing school windows with fortified film can ensure that both the interior and exterior of the building is protected in the event there is an active shooter. In addition, this can prevent individuals outside the school from breaking in or shattering the glass, ensuring the safety and security the students, teachers and faculty deserve.

School Window Film

Decorative Films

decorative films used at a cafeteriaCommercial window film is not only meant to provide privacy for organizations - it can also promote creativity and increase aesthetic appeal. Atlantic Sun Control offers a variety of decorative films for commercial buildings, such as architectural finishes, graphics & logos, and custom window films. Decorative films will provide employees and clients with safety and comfort, while giving them a unique design or visual aesthetic to admire.

Decorative Films

Blinds & Shades

While Atlantic Sun Control places an importance on commercial window film, we provide blinds and shades that complement the window frames and films used for your building. The right blinds and shades will guarantee your company is protected from the outside world, be it the strong sun, onlookers, and eavesdroppers. Our experts will help you select the size, color, and material to ensure a long-lasting solution that will provide an excellent addition to your office's interior.

Blinds & Shades

Energy Savings Calculator for Commercial Buildings

LLumar has created an energy savings calculator in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy's DOE-2 energy simulation program, taking into consideration the average energy costs for your area to calculate expected savings. You can access it by using the link provided below - once you are there, simply select your location, glass type, building type, and product type - and they will show you how much you can expect to save and how quickly an investment in LLumar window film can pay you back.

Calculate Savings

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By investing in commercial window film, you are instantly increasing the safety, security, and appeal of your office building. We work with business owners and commercial building owners to find the right solution that is guaranteed to last. Furthermore, our experts will install the film to ensure it works to its maximum capability. For more information about commercial window film or to acquire it for your building, contact Atlantic Sun Control by calling 703.631.8536 or requesting an estimate online today.