Blast Mitigation Security Films at Atlantic Sun Control Inc

Blast mitigation security films prevent injury from flying glass.

Results shown when blast mitigation security films are not installed into commercial window buildings.

Protect people and property from flying glass and guard against burglary and vandalism with security films from Atlantic Sun Control. GSA’s security standards require the installation of shatter-resistant security film in all buildings with GSA occupied space, because blast testing shows that specially designed shatter resistant films hold shattered glass together even when subjected to significant blast events. This benefit is critical for preventing injury and damage to occupants and buildings.

Whether you are looking for protection against terrorist attacks or to inhibit intruders from making forced entries through windows, our security films are specifically designed to help hold broken glass in place. Security film, whether clear or tinted is an affordable and effective solution for elevating your business’ security, safety and bottom line.

Blast mitigation security window film offers protection against terrorist attacks.
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