Window Film is Energy Efficient

Posted by Chris Baccus on Tue, Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:53 AM

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I am frequently approached by customers asking what they can do to improve energy efficiency in their homes or facilities without breaking the bank.  One of the best, and more affordable, steps towards home energy efficiency is to reduce heat gain and loss through your windows.  By their very nature, windows are less energy efficient than insulation-filled walls. You want to minimize the amount of heat gain though your glass in the summer time, while simultaneously preventing heat loss out of your windows and glass in the winter time.

While window replacement is an option it can be an expensive and labor intensive procedure, you can gain all the benefits of energy efficient windows in one simple solution:  Window Film.

Window Film Is Energy Efficient

Depending on the type of your home's windows, window film can save you up to 30% energy savings on your annual utility bills. In fact, for windows that experience the greatest sun exposure,  window films can block up to 83% of the total solar energy that would normally pass through your glass - which is sun control worth investing in. You can't help but enjoy the cost benefits gained by energy efficiency and all without ever having to remove or replace a window.  

When you stand inside on a cold winter's morning and place your hand on the window pane, what do you feel?  Is the window cold to the touch?  Does condensation appear in an outline around your warm hand?  What about in the summer time?  Does your house heat up via the windows - especially the windows with the greatest southern or western exposure?  If so, you should seriously consider installing window film as a method of insulating your glass. 

That cold temperature you feel in the winter is a red flag that your heater is working over time in an effort to replace the heat transferring out of your house through your windows. The newest generation of low-e films have emissity ratings almost as good the best low-e glass on the market. The Enerlogic Series films from Solutia is a glass insulation technolgy that revolutionizies the window film industry.  The Enerlogic VEP35 has a Emissivity rating of .07, which basically means that 93% of the heat which hits your glass will be reflected back into your facility or home.  It is the first true all season window film.  

Window Tinting Film Saves You Money

We recommend that customers purchase window film products that are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).  The NFRC is the organization that rates window and door products for their energy efficiency.  By using the NFRC's ratings the consumer can be assured they are comparing products apples to apples and they are investing in the most energy efficient window film on the market.

Another great savings is on the cost of your home furnishings.  Daily sun exposure takes its toll on furniture, carpeting, interior paint, and artwork.  Home decor fades, especially in rooms that enjoy the benefits of all that wonderful natural lighting. Installing window tinting now will help to preserve your home furnishings, adding another savings bonus.

Window film also helps protect your home furnishings from fading.  It also provides privacy for you and your family so you can open those window coverings and enjoy the views.

Please contact us with any questions you have about the benefits of energy saving window film.

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Welcome to our Window Film Blog !!

Posted by Chris Baccus on Tue, May 08, 2012 @ 02:09 PM

Window Film Consultation

Welcome to our Blog.  You might not have ever thought you would be reading a Blog in which the subject is window film, however we promise to make it worth your while.  Our regular blog posts will provide valuable information about your home windows, energy efficiency, and top-of-the line products designed to help your home or office be as safe and aesthetically pleasing as it can be.

So sit down, open your windows, and enjoy the views as we teach you everything you've ever wanted to know about Window Film 101 and beyond!

Window Film Is Energy Efficient   

Did you know that during the summer, windows can be responsible for up to 60% of the loss of your home's cooling energy?  We're not making that up.  That's a US Department of Energy statistic.  During the winter your windows allow up to 25% of your home's heating energy to dissipate into the wild blue yonder. Yikes!  That's a lot of wasted energy you're paying for.

Windows have long been a source of home energy in-efficiency.  From the days of homemade log cabins to present, windows have been a luxury, letting the sun's natural light grace the interiors of our homes and allowing us to enjoy the views outside.  We humans like to see the world around us and can feel cramped and contained in windowless spaces.  

Unfortunately those lovely viewing privileges come with a price:  heat gain/loss, security issues, and loss of advertising space.  Our products are a solution to all three of those problems and more.

Window Films Are More Than Just a Sunshade
Window film is so much more than sun control. There are three general categories for our window film products: Sun Control Films, Security Films, and Decorative Films.  Regardless of your home or office needs, you'll be able to find a Window film product to meet any window's needs.

Sun Control Films
In addition to heat rejection and energy efficiency, our Sun Control Films offer your home or office protection from the sun's harsh UV rays. 

  • Fade Protection - Home furnishings, flooring, and art are susceptible to fading when exposed to direct sunlight via your windows. Our Sun Control film block up to 99.9% of these damaging UV rays, preserving your valuable furnishings for years to come.

  • Glare Control - Sunglasses should only have to be worn outside. Tired of that irritating glare on your TV or computer monitor?  It's time to check out Glare Control film.  You can keep the views and reduce irritating sun glare up to 85%.

Security Films
Security films are a bonus for any home or office environment.  With the application of one thin film, your space will be protected from intruders, vandalism, and enjoy protection from electronic eavesdropping attempts..

  • Blast Mitigation - Whether you prefer clear or tinted, these films keep glass shards intact, protecting the valuable people inside.

  • RF Shielding - These films protect your interior space from eavesdropping, countermeasures, and keep your wireless security intact.

  • Smash & Grab or Graffiti Film - Our product holds window glass in place, preventing intrusion from burglars. Is graffiti a problem? Graffiti film will peel off easily, leaving expensive window surfaces as good as new.

Decorative Films & Graphics
Our films can be printed with logos, graphics or messages for potential customers. Create attractive patterns using different colors or designs.  Need privacy? Our Decorative films can provide etched or frosted looks for any exterior or interior window surfaces.

Keep checking back for more ways that our window film can provide a comfortable and secure environment for your home or office. Contact us for more information about our versatile window products.

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